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Katie de Lora

Peace Love Grace

Source Frequency Allignment

Source Frequency Alignment is a form of frequency or information healing ...

 Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment is a process that uses the Source frequencies, but differs in its application ...

Distant Session

Distant Session is a convenient and adequate option of a Source Frequency Alignment session...


An introductory information meeting, or personal assistance providing guidance in the process after treatment ...

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

My role as a Reconnective Healing Practicioner is not to diagnose or analyse your condition or the reasons why you came. However, this does not mean that I don´t care about your well-being and your personal and life progress. The opposite is true.. However, I carry out my role of a facilitator primarily through fully trusting the holistic process that Reconnective Healing will kick-start.

About Me

Reconnective Healing® and

The Reconnection® certified practicioner.

Visual Artist, a lifelong "harmonizing agent" of all of her surroundings.

Začněte měnit svou osobní realitu dnes. Lidský kolektiv Vás bude následovat ...

From the book "Solomon Speaks"


Getting Help

In case of emergency, I´m offering quick help through Remote Healing or a personal session and consultation in Prague (CZE).

This will bring you a quick relieve and put you in a new perspective, where you can look at your situation from a higher vantage point and take further steps to complete recovery with newly gained strength.

Contact details below...




Physical difficulties




Emotional strain



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