Energy Philanthropy

Energy Philanthropy is a term brought to the world by American channeler and philanthropist Marina Jacobi.


In her own words :

"Energy Philanthropy is when you replace the money structure of condition with the energy of the heart and when you give without expectation of something in return."


This approach is firmly rooted in the energy of the New Paradigm and the Consciousness of Oneness, Abundance and the Unconditional and Infinite Flow of Energy.


In practice, this means that everything we have to offer and want to share with others, we give freely and without conditions of financial or barter reward. The reward is recommended, but completely voluntary. Our sharing therefore flows without restrictions to anyone who asks for it, without us putting up limits and demands on their financial or other material conditions. This frees the flow of energy from the limitations of our obsolete societal and financial structures.

The one who is giving shall also be fully open to receiving. Just as we give freely, we also open to receiving and know that in the state of Oneness, energy we give is always flowing back to us. In what form, when and how, is orchestrated with perfection, precision and level of abundance that we could not even imagine before.

The recipient of our gift accepts and feels from their heart what they wish or can sincerely give back. Always in the energy of the heart. One can give back some, the other more, the third many times more... A joyful chain of abundance is formed, in which there is no accounting, no existential worries, no survival fears.


Welcome to the dimension of Oneness, where there is always enough of everything for everyone!


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