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Source Frequency Alignment and The Axiatonal Alignment activates a process of interesting, sometimes unexpected and often significant changes in one's life and environment. If you are in need or just wish to have a companion at this time of change, someone who will provide a personal support and experienced advice, I can assist.


If needed, I will teach you an effective method of processing fears, blocks and other baggage so that you are completely independent and self-sufficient in navigating your path and active in approaching any challenges.


Consultation is also possible for the purpose of a more detailed acquaintance with the Source Frequency Alignment and The Axiatonal Alignment and help with deciding whether it is suitable for you. The consultation includes a 10-minute demonstration of the energy work.


Consultation is facilitated as an on-line call.



Balancing energy exchange



I value my work - facilitating 30 minutes consultation session - to 30 USD , 30 Euro or 700 CZK

Payment can be made through the DONATE button in the upper right corner of this website´s  home page, through bank transfer, or in cash at our personal meeting. 

Your contribution to me is naturally more than welcome. It helps me to fully dedicate myself to this work and continue working for the human collective and our beloved planet. In today's still-lasting monetary system, it allows me to take care of myself and my family. In case of financial dificulties, contact me for arranging an individual solution.


For a specific date of consultation, please contact me through the contact info below.

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