Distant Session

The nature of Source Frequency Alignment, which is a contact-free way of connecting to frequencies operating outside of space and time, allows for facilitation via often desirable way of distant session.

The client is often able to relax better in their known and intimate environment of their home and opens up far more to receiving frequencies in their full intensity. Healing is just as effective, as in a personal session, sometimes even more.

The session begins with a telephone or online connection, and after an introductory conversation and answering possible questions, a traditional 30-minute session will take place. After its completion, there is again a telephone or online connection made, that includes sharing and consultation.


Balancing energy exchange


... meaning the reward for the session provided, happens in harmony with the philosophy of Energy Philathropy.

It works on the basis of a voluntary financial contribution/gift, in the amount given by the options of each client. It can take place before/after the agreed healing session, but also later in time, or repeatedly, whenever you realize the value that our interaction has brought to your life ... at a time when it is possible and meaningful for you. It's up to your consideration.

Payment can be made through the DONATE button in the upper right corner of this website´s  home page, or in cash at our personal meeting. I do not check or judge the exact amount of your contribution. If you cannot contribute at the moment, you can reciprocate with a recommendation of my work, another kind of gift, or contribute as soon as your situation allows it.

Your contribution to me is naturally more than welcome. It helps me to fully dedicate myself and continue working for the human collective and our beloved planet, and in today's still-lasting monetary system, it allows me to take care of myself and my family. I accept gifts with gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the good of the whole, with respect for your unique journey and with the knowing that my work carries an immeasurable and unique value for each one of you, and as such it is not possible to determine its uniform price.


It is not possible to facilitate Axiatonal Alignment as distant session. This process can only be facilitated in person.


To arrange a specific date for distance session, please contact me through the contact info below.