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Yoga at Home

My Approach

My role as a Source Frequency Healing practitioner is not to diagnose or analyze your condition or the reasons why you arrived. This, however, does not mean that I don´t care about you, your healing, or your personal and life progress. The opposite is true. Yet, too many information sometimes can disrupt the session. I carry out my role primarily through fully trusting the intelligence of Source frequencies and trusting the holistic process that Source Frequency Alignment will initiate. I´m only a facilitator of your own healing/activation.

Source Frequency Alignment is all about receiving. It´s about our ability to open and fully connect to this wide-spectrum frequencies, without interfering through our own thought process and that way limiting it´s potency. Such limits might be any expectations, thinking which way and how the treatment should go, what should happen and what should be the results. In fact, neither I, nor you, can know for sure how and at which pace your healing and return to harmony will be manifested. It can be instant, or manifest through time and life contexts that you wouldn´t have associated with your situation before. However, we can rest assured that healing/activation will take place exactly as it is most effective and beneficial for you personally and it´s results will be permanent.

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