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Source Frequency Allignment

It´s an Experience...It IS Energy, Light & Information EXPERIENCING itself as each one of us!​


Source Frequency Alignment is a return to Wholeness, it is Life Progress. At the forefront of it´s field, it is a new level of healing that completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It allows us to let go of the concept, approach and even the need for technique itself while including the benefits of all known energy healing methods. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more.
It is an effective way to connect with the fullest range (known so far) of harmonic frequencies that contain high-level Energy, Light & Information. Such a connection leads to regeneration and healing at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and it is possible to achieve extensive changes of one´s life and surroundings. We connect with the original level of health, balance and harmony.




Source Frequency Alignment provides access to a broad spectrum of frequencies which can bring about healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional, but go beyond to bring about healings that can include the evolution of your very being.  In the presence of these Healing Frequencies, the body can come back into balance so that the person can heal themselves. For many this truly is a life-changing experience.

Together with it´s healing benefits, it can be used for deeply regenerative purposes and raising ones frequency of vibrations, providing new insights into our own reality, life, relationships. It can break long-term psychological blocks, which prevent a person from experiencing a fulfilled life experience.

Connecting with the Frequencies can be an interesting experience. Some people report deep personal experiences and some not as intense. It will work, regardless of whether you have a really vivid experience or even a very uneventful one. More important is what unfolds after the session. Source Frequencies stay with you for a long time and begin a unique process of healing and expanding your entire life. It is possible that you yourself will start to feel them in your hands and be able to use them for your own self-healing, or healing your loved ones.


The Session


All sessions are non-contact sessions.  You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, close your eyes and let go.

One session lasts 30 minutes, it is done in a state of relaxation, in full consciousness. It has no special requirements for the client and has no contraindications. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

The session can be very effectively facilitated as a  Distant Session .


The most effective application of Source Frequency Alignment is a series of 3-4 sessions during one week to 10 consecutive days. Ideally 2 days between each session for integration of the new frequency levels. This is the optimal form - meaning that most people around the world perceived the most influence of the Frequencies in their lives at such frequency of sessions. Some clients report the third session in particular to be somehow significant.

Yet it is very individual. If one decides that they are feeling well after the first or second session and it was enough, that is perfectly fine too.
Source Frequency Alignment is not a long-term treatment, during which you´d have to be coming back extensively and repeatedly. One series of sessions in most cases works for a long time.


Source Frequencies are received in their highest form when we allow ourselves to release expectation. It restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible.
Sometimes healing comes in the way we expected and sometimes it comes in a way we couldn't possibly imagine, and it heals or solves things we didn't even know were related to our situation. There are no guarantees of any particular outcome.

Source Frequency Alignment is never about directing, manipulating, or otherwise attempting to force a healing. It is simply about opening the door for an individual to access and receive that which comes through – a healing uniquely customized by the Intelligence of the Universe.​



Balancing energy exchange


I value my work - facilitating one session - to 100 USD , 100 Euro or 2300 CZK

Payment can be made through the DONATE button in the upper right corner of this website, through bank transfer, or in cash at our personal meeting. 

Your contribution to me is naturally more than welcome. It helps me to fully dedicate myself to this work and continue working for the human collective and our beloved planet. In today's still-lasting monetary system, it allows me to take care of myself and my family. In case of financial difficulties, contact me for arranging an individual solution.



To make an appointment, please use the contact information below ...

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